Monday, November 24, 2014

Koh Tao, Thailand. 2

Amazing Friday!

Rock climbing with a incredible cool instructor Dave in Rock Junkie. Who let me believe that I can do what I thought impossible for me... 

A little bit have injured my legs, but not much... just scratches and a lot of beautiful-colors cool bruises.

And then won a dance competition in a club. Get a free fun dive 

Koh Tao, Thailand. 1

Koh Tao is pretty cool island. Thank you Russians, families with annoying screening children and old people so much that you are NOT coming there. There is amazing chilling atmosphere without you.

Snorkeling is pretty good there as well. Thinking to buy my fins... white ones! (for setting white balance underwater).

Was suppose to stay 3 days, but today is my 4th day in Koh Tao and I'm not gonna leave in a next few days.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Thailand, Emotions. Cockroaches

Huge fly cockroaches!? WHAT THE HELL!

Bangkok, Thailand. Day 4

Why Chinese food looks so weird and taste so awfully!? I do not mean stinky Chinese restaurants but true Chinese market in the China Town in Bangkok... Weird, stinky, dirty.

Another think - Thai children. I was sitting in the train station and that cute girl with incredible big eyes just came to me, set down on my knees, half an hour was jumping and playing around me and was sooo happy and smile! Lovely! (pics down the post)

Anyway, I must say that Thai trains are even more comfortable than Russian ones. Much more... and cheaper! And there is even a curtain to create your own private zone what you can't even dream about in Russian shitty trains. 

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Bangkok, Thailand. Day 3

And finally I have seen some sight-seeings. Took a holey boat on the stinky river to the Wat Pho temple; 

throw 108 coins in 108 brazen pots next to the huge gold Buddha;
bought some "very necessary" shit in Thai flea market; 

cheeked out unbelievable big Thai National Museum; 

saw another huge monument of golden Buddha; 

met some old Buddhist who tried to invite me for the dinner (wowowowow, easy, man! You can't pick up European chicks just like that! What about the celibate!?); 

found Russian snack "сушеные кальмары" (dry salty calamaris), what kinda popular in Thailand as well; 

and burn my mouth, lips and stomach TWICE by Thai "not spicy" meals. Oh God my though lost any sensitivity.