Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Bangkok, Thailand. Day 3

And finally I have seen some sight-seeings. Took a holey boat on the stinky river to the Wat Pho temple; 

throw 108 coins in 108 brazen pots next to the huge gold Buddha;
bought some "very necessary" shit in Thai flea market; 

cheeked out unbelievable big Thai National Museum; 

saw another huge monument of golden Buddha; 

met some old Buddhist who tried to invite me for the dinner (wowowowow, easy, man! You can't pick up European chicks just like that! What about the celibate!?); 

found Russian snack "сушеные кальмары" (dry salty calamaris), what kinda popular in Thailand as well; 

and burn my mouth, lips and stomach TWICE by Thai "not spicy" meals. Oh God my though lost any sensitivity.

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